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Alumni Family Art Day with Karen Richards

February 13, 2018 On Saturday, February 10, our founding teacher and art department chair, Karen Richards, welcomed SF Day alumni and families back to campus for a special family art project inspired by Artist-of-the-Month, JooYoung Choi. We look forward to hosting more alumni and family-friendly events on campus! » read more

4th Graders Study Water Shortage Crisis in Math Lab

February 02, 2018 In fourth-grade math lab, our students discussed the current water shortage issues being faced by the residents of Cape Town, South Africa.  Due to the shortage, residents may receive as little as 25 liters a day. Students were given two-liter bottles and were tasked with determining how... » read more

Buzzing with Pride!

February 01, 2018 This year's National Geographic Geo Bee geography contest was as competitive as ever, and SF Day students demonstrated an impressive amount of geography knowledge across grade levels.  Our "hive" champions represented every upper school grade level: Olive S. (5th), Natalie K.... » read more

Reading Buddies at Tenderloin Community School

January 25, 2018 Several years ago, the fifth grade team developed a relationship with Tenderloin Community School as part of SF Day's student service learning program. This year, our fifth grade teachers (Ms. Graham, Ms. Shoaff, Mr. White, and Ms. Yuen-Shore) introduced our students to the TCS kindergarten... » read more

Meet Carlo Abruzzese, SF Day Artist-in-Residence

January 18, 2018 San Francisco Day School's January artist of the month and artist-in-residence, Carlo Abruzzese, is a local artist based in San Francisco.  Carlo’s work “integrates the disparate worlds of fine art and quantitative information, creating images that encourage us to re-interpret the world.”... » read more

Book Share with Our Friends in Micronesia

January 17, 2018 A few years ago, a group of SF Day teachers (Randy Bowman, Melissa Brown, Nancy Clark and Jeff Turner) traveled to the Micronesian island of Chuuk to teach summer school, along with SF Day grandparent Bob Scavullo. Akoyikoyi School relies on the support and generosity of friends and benefactors to... » read more

Kindergarten Social Scientists Study Families

January 12, 2018 After reading many nonfiction and fiction books, sharing about our own families, and studying the family photos on the walls of SF Day, the kindergarten classes took a moment to reflect on all the ways a family can be. First, the students generated a list of some of the things that they know about... » read more

Team Faculty Goes 1 for 2 in Basketball Competition

January 12, 2018 Thank you to our faculty, students, and alumni for participating in our faculty vs. varsity and faculty vs. alumni basketball games on Wednesday! Three cheers for our enthusiastic Phins fans - the energy was incredible and we are already looking forward to the next match up. » read more

SF Day Faculty Present at PoCC 2017

December 15, 2017 This year's annual People of Color Conference (PoCC) was held in Anaheim and the theme was "Lead, Learn, Rededicate, and Deliver."  San Francisco Day School had 11 faculty members, accompanied by our Diversity and Inclusion Parent Chair, and Breakthrough SF sent two staff members, all of whom... » read more

Breakthrough's End-of-Semester Celebration

December 15, 2017 On Wednesday, December 6, Breakthrough hosted a festive end-of-semester celebration. The event was a special opportunity to thank tutors and students for their hard work this semester. Guests were able to hear from different speakers, see and interact with displays of student work, and... » read more
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