The Day School Courier is Here!

In 2013, a group of SFDS eighth graders launched the first online student newspaper. The Day School Courier features articles, opinions, creative expressions, and news by our students, for our students. All upper school students are encouraged to submit articles and ideas for the publication.

Check out the promo video, created by an 8th grade student:

The Day School Courier was created to give our students a voice; to encourage them to inquire, question, and exchange ideas. The student journalists work independently to create, edit, and curate the content for the newspaper. The content reflects all areas of school life and student interests, including topics that may be subject to controversy. Faculty advisors review final content prior to publication, but students have taken on this responsibility with the knowledge that they will be held to professional journalism standards.

We've enjoyed watching this new tradition unfold and take root at San Francisco Day School - please take a look at: