Buzzing with Pride!

February 01, 2018

This year's National Geographic Geo Bee geography contest was as competitive as ever, and SF Day students demonstrated an impressive amount of geography knowledge across grade levels.  Our "hive" champions represented every upper school grade level: Olive S. (5th), Natalie K. (5th), Wilder K. (5th), Alison C. (6th), Jacob B. (6th), Oscar R. (6th), Maddox R. (7th), Bea T. (7th), Jacob F. (8th), and Xander N. (8th). 

This competition comes together each year with the cooperation and participation of several teachers at SF Day, under the leadership of Michael Duryee-Browner '03, our 6th-grade history teacher.  Special shout-outs go to our first runner-up, Jacob F., and our SF Day 2018 Geo Bee Champion, Bea T.! 
Want to test your own geography knowledge?  Here's a question from this year's Geo Bee: The National Library in Minsk is the information and cultural center of which country that declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991?  
Answer: Belarus