Reading Buddies at Tenderloin Community School

January 25, 2018

Several years ago, the fifth grade team developed a relationship with Tenderloin Community School as part of SF Day's student service learning program. This year, our fifth grade teachers (Ms. Graham, Ms. Shoaff, Mr. White, and Ms. Yuen-Shore) introduced our students to the TCS kindergarten students, who have developed a "buddy" relationship similar to the buddy program at SF Day.  Once a month, our students walk over to TCS and participate in an activity with their buddy. This year's TCS kindergarten teachers, Barbara Sizelove and Sharon Piansay, have been instrumental in helping devise creative, age-appropriate activities that work well within a short timeframe.  One such project was the "Buddy Portraits" activity, where the buddies created portraits of each other using markers and watercolors.  On Tuesday, January 23, students read to each other.

Outside of the classroom visits, our students continue to seek opportunities to share their support for Tenderloin Community School.  A portion of the funds raised in our community concert, Concert for Community or C4C, are donationed to TCS in support of specific classroom projects: level readers for the classroom library, succulent gardens in their year (which the students all planted together), field trips, water bottles for students, and more.  We look forward to deepening our relationship with TCS over the years. 

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