Kindergarten Social Scientists Study Families

January 12, 2018

After reading many nonfiction and fiction books, sharing about our own families, and studying the family photos on the walls of SF Day, the kindergarten classes took a moment to reflect on all the ways a family can be. First, the students generated a list of some of the things that they know about families, with an extra challenge: "What is one thing you have learned about families that is DIFFERENT from your own family?" The list was long! The goal of the activity was to help kindergarteners recognize the family diversity that exists within our community and to note that with every family, they will have some connections and some differences. Afterwards, the kindergarteners made illustrations of all different kinds of families:

A family can be...a mom and dad and three kids who are brothers. They have different skin colors, different hair textures, and they like different teams.

A family can be...two dads and a son, all with the same skin shade and celebrate Christmas.

A family can be...six people and a dog who celebrate Hanukkah.

A family can be...a dad and two kids who like to ski and sing.

A family can be...three kids, a mom and a dad, and they all live in two houses.