Sprinting Through The Season

October 10, 2017

On your mark...get set...GO!! Our SF Day cross country team has been sprinting towards the finish line with great results. We have some of the standings from the most recent two races (September 26 and October 5) below. The team would love people to go out to the meets and support them throughout the race through rough terrain and twists and turns on the path to the finish. There are only a couple of meets left before the championship meet, but according to these results, the SF Day team is doing great! These top runners have been going strong throughout all the meets, making our school proud with their top placements.

Race 2: Top 3 Boys
1st Place - Dewie E.
2nd Place - Luke D.
3rd Place - Ryan

Race 2: Top 3 Girls
2nd Place - Pippa S.
9th Place - Mai D.
10th Place - Mitchell L.

Race 3: Top 3 Boys
1st Place - Luke D.
3rd Place - Dewie E.
4th Place - Ryan

Race 3: Top 3 Girls
1st Place - Pippa S.
8th Place - Mitchell L.
9th Place - Mai D.