Team Germany Wins COPA 2017

June 09, 2017

As school winds down each year, the rooftop competition amps up as another COPA season gets underway.  COPA is an annual soccer tournament led by P.E. teacher and coach, Mr. Roberts.  All upper school students are invited to participate in a mixed-grade level team coached by faculty.  Students are assigned to a country and are responsible for creating a team name, painting a flag, and developing a strategy for their team.  Each team starts off with 5-minute games, which are frenzied, wild competitions with plenty of cheering for both sides.  This year's tournament crowned "Team Germany" the winners, who were then invited to play faculty.  This year's faculty vs. students game resulted in an upset (for teachers) as students took their first win in years.  Finally, the tournament concluded with an alumni vs. faculty game.  It was wonderful to see students return to campus to participate in a beloved tradition, no matter how fierce the competition!