Alumni Spotlight: Adam Rosenblatt '92

June 16, 2017

Adam Rosenblatt '92 recently founded the Citizens of the World Charter School in Silver Lake, Los Angeles ('CWCS'). Though he lives with his family in Southern California, he remains close to several SF Day classmates and uses our school's pillars of inclusivity and diversity to help drive CWCS. 

Q:  What is one memory that stands out to you from being at SFDS?

Adam:  I believe it was 4th grade, and we were in the middle of Mr. Ulrich’s social studies. Halfway through the class Mr. Ulrich told us to close our books and line up at the door. Most of us thought we were in trouble, but he marched us down to the nearest grocery store and bought us all popsicles. I remember it because popsicles seemed way more fun that social studies, but also it was a lesson that sometimes in life you just need to take a break and do something fun.

Q:  Even though you live out of the area, what keeps you connected to SF Day? 

I look back at my time at SF Day with a lot of joy. It was a place that helped me grow in a safe environment and challenged me to push myself. I wasn’t always the fastest learner and I'm sure some of my friends are laughing as they read this, but the school, and its unbelievable teachers, made sure I wasn’t left behind. I don’t know where I’d be without SF Day and the care they took to make sure I was reaching my potential. It’s a big thing we push at the charter school in Los Angeles - making sure that the teachers really know their students and that they are on top of their education. The foundation of my education and a willingness to take risks: These are the things that constantly remind me of SF Day and make me feel connected to the school.  

Q:  What is one thing you learned at SF Day that you carry with you today?

Adam: SF Day helped me learn the power of surrounding yourself with good people. There’s something wonderful about making lifelong friends and keeping in touch with them that keeps you connected to your roots. In fact, Paul Davis ' 92, who also lives in LA, and I have a standing dinner every 6 weeks.