• Community

    We believe in actively engaging with the city of San Francisco, celebrating the diverse cultural experiences and history just outside our classroom doors.

  • Reflection

    We believe in the power of self-reflection and concentration; two essential skills in today’s complex and fast-paced world.

  • Creativity

    We believe in an artistic mindset. SFDS teaches students how to communicate through a rich visual language.

  • Friendship

    We believe in the value of laughter and joy in developing a love of learning and school life at SFDS.

  • Curiosity

    We believe in asking questions. SFDS values inquisitive minds seeking not just facts, but mastery and understanding.

Welcome to the San Francisco Day School Sandbox!

October 07, 2016

Walk & Roll is On!

In San Francisco, everyone knows that summer weather typically shows up after school is back in... Read more
October 07, 2016

Phins Wins

SFDS Athletics have been off to a great start this year! All of our teams have improved with each... Read more


  • An Unprecedented Election

    September 19, 2016
    Last Thursday I participated in a NAIS webinar entitled, “Conversational Leadership: Convening Difference, Asking Questions That... read more
  • We Are Off and Running

    September 06, 2016
    In my experience, there are few events as exciting and invigorating as the beginning of a new school year.  I have, of... read more